It's a lot warmer than yesterday, I don't need my gloves, but I'll take them just in case."

The Webmaster, the Student and I set off with the two dogs for our last walk of 2016. Mid morning on New Year's Eve, warm but not sunny, damp but not raining.

At the bottom of the lane we turn right into the farm yard to take the path through the woods.

"It's likely to be muddy. Any frost will have gone," predicts the Webmaster.

"Most of the frost has gone. It looks quite nice out but I think I'll take my gloves."

"Don't open the door until the dog is on his lead."

It is mid morning. The sun is bright and the sky blue. A lovely winter's day. There are still patches of ice on the lane where the direct sunlight has not yet reached."

"Walk on the right, it's not as icey."

"We need to go now otherwise it will be dark before we get back. I didn't expect it would take so long to sort out the Gopro."

"Will I need my wellies?

"We'll have time to go round the lake, so yes."

The dogs have settled down. They gave up pestering for a walk at about lunch time. Now they sense that we are getting ready they follow us around, getting in the way.

"We're going for a walk. Are you coming?" the Webmaster asks the Student.

"Yes. I'll be ready in five minutes. Where are we going?"

"Just round the Marshes Hill road loop, we don't have much time."

Five minutes later the Student appears dressed for the Arctic. We calm the dogs, attach their leads and set off. The Student takes charge of the Young Dog while the Webmaster locks the door.

"I'm tired," said the Student, "on my time it's 3am."

"A nice, brisk, Winter walk will wake you up. Let's have some breakfast and then we'll go. The Webmaster will make us some porridge."

"Oatmeal. The Americans call it oatmeal."

"Well these are rolled oats. We used to get oatmeal but its quicker to make with the rolled oats and easier to get them gluten free."

"No, they call the porridge oatmeal."

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