"Which way?"

"Tongue Lane and up to the church? We can go along the Rocks and then back up from the village. Or do you want to go round the lake? We didn't go for a run today."

"No, let's stick to the lanes. It might be muddy and I don't want the dog to get dirty. She hasn't been very well this week."

"Is it cold? Do I need a hat and gloves?"


"So not 'terribly mild' then like in the week?"

"Come on, hurry up."

"Are you sure I need to go too. I"m not doing the race."

"Yes, you need to come. Get changed."

The Webmaster pretends to be reluctant and makes a lot of whining and whinging noises as he changes into his running kit.

"I haven't got any decent running shoes, only these," he says holding up a pair of dirty, worn out shoes he used for walking during the Summer and before he bought his boots.

"It's going to be dark soon," warned the Webmaster. It is mid afternoon and the dogs have settled down. They have given up on the idea of a walk to day.

"I'm  coming now. That was my Dad phoning back about their website. He says their webmaster will call you later to find out what we did, and he asked if we wanted the £300. I told him 'no', we'd do it this once for free."

"Will we be OK with out the torches?"

"Should be if we just do the short route."

"Have you got the app for identifying the stars?"

"It's cloudy, I'm the only star you'll see tonight."

"Haha. I think my torch needs new batteries, it keeps flashing at me. I'll take the Student's torch as well as mine."

"It's cold. I'm putting a coat over my fleece."

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