"It's a bit grim out there this morning" said the Webmaster as he brought me my first cup of tea of the day. He shivered and climbed back into the bed.

 Outside it is grey and overcast. "Are you suggesting we don't have a long walk?"

"No, but it's trying to drizzle."

We are in no hurry. We lounge around reading on-line newspapers. The Webmaster checks his facebook feed. He shows me a short video of a dog and bird chasing each other around a rock but I've seen it before. Times passes. Eventually we tire of reading articles about Brexit, marmite, Article 50 and the link between the prime minister opening her mouth and the pound sliding on the foreign exchange.

"Come on. I thought we were going an hour ago."

"We've been doing other things. The Student is worried about transferring her money."

"She just has to go for it. Once its done she has the dollars in her account and further falls won't affect their value. If it goes up she's missed out on some savings."

"Where are my shoes?"

"It's 10:30, are you ready? The dogs are making a fuss" the Webmaster yells up the stairs. I am in bed reading on-line newspapers.

"I can't find my trousers. You put them away somewhere different every time. Where are they?" Although I haven't looked, it is a safe bet.

"Drying from yesterday's washing."

"I've got more than one pair. Where are the others?" shouting down the stairs and jumping out of bed.

"The clouds are the same type as when we had the spectacular sunset last week."

"I can't see the sun at all or any sign of a sunset."

"The clouds are too thick. It is up there behind the murky clouds." The Webmaster waved his arm in the general direction of the sun.

"It's come up in California. I saw it in the sun rise photographs from the Student's early morning hike."

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