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Rooted to the Spot

Magazine style section with articles about life at the Sticks on a theme inspired by Brexit

William Deakin restored


15 years of family history research available in our webtrees database (over 800 surnames and nearly 5000 individuals) plus a collection of birth, marriage and death certificates.  


Then and now

Tracing the  history of the house from early 1800s to the present day using historical documents and idenitying people who lived here before us

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Maps for local walks

Selection of our walking routes on the edge of the Staffordshire Moorlands. All accessible from convenient public car parks 


houseWelcome to the Sticks, the Webmaster's name for Ladymoor Gate Farm, the farm at Ladymoor Gate on the edge of the Staffordshire Moorlands, six miles from the centre of Stoke on Trent (in the English Midlands) and a similar distance from the market town of Leek. Despite the difficulties of delivery men, it is only about two miles from the nearest main road, the A52, clearly marked on most maps and no challenge for any satnav. For us, except for the expensive broadband, the problems it poses for curriers and the challenges with district borders, it is an ideal place to live - something of everything - town and country.

The "Gate" part of a place name often means "way onto" or "entrance" and has nothing to do with a hinged section of fence or fancy wrought iron security barriers. So we are situated at the way on to the moor known as Ladymoor.

When we moved here we were excited by the potential of the place and dreamed of "the good life". What couldn't we do? Plenty of space to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and shrubs. Maybe keep a few animals, definetely enjoy the surrounding country side with pleasant evening walks. So we set about the garden, explored the locality and after a few years began to investigate the history of the farm and trace the people who had lived here before us. Here we have attempted to share some of the things we have discovered and the experiences which have enriched (and sometimes tested) our lives.

Image5If there is a theme to this site it is the connection between people and places over time; from the families who lived in our house before us to the gardeners who planted the trees we admire on our walks; from the current generation born here to to their ancestors from far and wide.  

This site is divided into sections:

"Out and About" explores our local area and hopefully, in these Brexit times, will do its small bit to help boost local tourism;

"As It Was" delves into the history of the house and its previous occupants,

"Genealogy" provides searchable family history information and will have some connection with many local (and not so local families),

"Seeds & Weeds" chronicals our battles (some successful others not) with our large garden,

"Travel" is a transcription of journeys made, mainly in my younger days. It has been of amusement to many of my younger work colleagues, especially those from India who were either not born or still toddlers when I made my first journey there in 1981.

"Rooted to the Spot" is a magazine style fun appproach to surviving Brexit which, as an active member of a European and international community has hit me very hard.




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TajMahalTranscription of travel diaries made during the last 36 years starting with India and Nepal 1981, and including,USA 1983, Syria 1993, South America 2000 and South Africa 2014 together with photographs. This is a work in progress as the diaries are transcribed, so check for updates.


A romantic mixture of emotion and practical tips from two young students discovering themselves and life as they recount their adventures away from home. The Student and her boyfriend share their passion for each other, travel and their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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We aren't gardeners, we don't even listen to Gardeners' World very often, but we have a large garden with plenty of potential. We favour the wild, natural look and like the birds, butterflies, frogs and other small animals but we want it to be looked after and we want to revive our vegetable patch. This section is dedicated to reluctant gardeners in constant fight against the weeds. Solidarity among the nettled and scratched.