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Ladymoor Gate Today

Our patch of this area is Ladymoor Gate Farm, the farm at Ladymoor Gate which is on the edge of the Staffordshire Moorlands and six miles from the centre of Stoke on Trent (in the English Midlands) and a similar distance from the market town of Leek. Despite the difficulties of delivery men, it is only about two miles from the nearest main road, the A52, clearly marked on most maps and no challenge for any satnav. For us, except for the expensive broadband, the problems it poses for curriers and the challenges with district borders, it is an ideal place to live - something of everything - town and country.

The "Gate" part of a place name often means "way onto" or "entrance" and has nothing to do with a hinged section of fence or fancy wrought iron security barriers. So we are situated at the way on to the moor known as Ladymoor.

When we moved here we were excited by the potential of the place and dreamed of "the good life". What couldn't we do? Plenty of space to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and shrubs. Maybe keep a few animals. Enjoy the surrounding country side with pleasant evening walks. So we set about the garden, explored the locality and after a few years began to investigate the history of the farm.




Border trouble

For most of its history, Ladymoor Gate was in the parish of Horton, in the district of Blackwood and Crowborough - but that was before the borders changed.

We are close to a number of borders. Never live near a border. If our experience is anything to go by you will get all sorts of problems, even registering the death of a loved one.

Read more: Border trouble


Ladymoor Gate has quite a large garden which, from time to time, we try to bring under control. We have been known to grow vegetables, plant an orchard and, once upon a time, we built a pond. It is a constant battle against the weeds. Nettles and docks usually win, but occasionally we get the upper hand.

Never mind, whatever its condition there are lots of birds, insects, butterflies, frogs and other creepy crawlies and we console ourselves that while the garden is not as neat and tidy as it could be or that the vegetable harvest is sometimes neglected, the wildlife benefits and certainly the variety of birds is of great delight.

Some of our successes and failures in the garden are recounted here. I will leave you to decide which are which.

There are eightfull time residents of Ladymoor Gate: the Webmaster, the Worker, the Old Dog, the Young Dog and four cats. 

From time to time the full time residents are joined by the Student, an undergraduate at the University of Birmingham with an extra "year abroad" at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo (CA, USA).

Previous residents were the Lawyer, now an independent young professional and Andy (1957-2004)

The Webmaster, the Worker and the Student are all members of Staffordshire Moorlands AC.

Meet the Occupants.

fungi mediumOut and About

Ladymoor Gate is in the Staffordshire Moorlands near to the city of Stoke on Trent. It is a great place for running and walking and in this section we map some of our walking routes which are all accessible from convenient public car parks 

The walks have inspired our Walk and talk blogs which reflect both the countryside through which we are walking and some of the family, local and national events affecting our mood.

For anyone unlucky enough not to live in this part of the world we have also provide a page with links to local information.

LGF1972webThen and now

When we moved into Ladymoor Gate Farm the estate agent told us it was probably built about 1820. At first we didn't think about the people who may have lived here before us but as we found out more about the house - where extensions had been built and entrances moved, fittings like the enamelled cooking range and small things we found left behind like an old flat iron and small bottles or broken crockery in the garden, we began to wonder about the history of the house and what it might have seen. In this section we dig into the story of Ladymoor gate from 1800 through to the present day by way of the occupants and the property transactions. Interesting historical documents show how the land holding changed over the years until it is the small holding of today.

Alice and daughtersGenealogy

We have been researching our family trees for over 15 years and here you can see the results. You can search our webtrees database (with over 800 surnames and nearly 5000 individuals) and check our collection of birth, marriage and death certificates. If you find any of your ancestors or connection to us we would love to hear from you.

Our Family Tree Databases

Search our BMD certificates

One thousand years of family history 



Transcription of travel diaries, including India and Nepal 1981 and South Africa 2014 together with photographs


An Indian Journey (August-September 1981) - popular with many of my Indian colleagues who were just toddlers or not even born when I made my trip.

South Africa 2014

Syria and Jordan 1993

South America 2000


Knypersley WalkWalk and Talk Blogs

The Worker used to be a keen runner, but like the Old Dog, has had to slow down due to creaky joints. The Webmaster loves his two dogs and every morning takes them for a walk round Marshes Hill. When she is on holiday from work, the Worker accompanies him, and then the walks may be longer. Sometimes the Students goes too. Of course it depends on the weather.

Besides the morning walk with the dogs the Webmaster and the Worker also take an evening stroll. The length of which depends on when the Worker gets back from the office, the time of year and the weather. In their otherwise busy schedules it is a time for chatting and putting the world to rights. Where better to do it than in the beautiful local countryside

The Worker has used these walks as a theme for a collection of Walk and Talk Blogs