I don't deny it. Brexiters bemoaning our fellow Europeans coming here and diluting our culture pisses me off. Sorry about the strong language but it does. Britain shares so much of its culture with the rest of Europe: music, art, language, food, philosophy.

But then again, even in the Brexit debate, many were using Europe as a proxy for "anywhere other than Britain".

Probably more than any country other than the US (oh the irony) we in Britain have taken on culture and traditions from elsewhere. One thing that makes Britain (and the US) great is our ability to adopt a good thing when we see it, regardless of source! Think curry. Apparently an influential Brexit claim was that Brexit would help improve our curry because it would mean more Bangladeshi chefs could move to UK. How that must make the Indians smile. Our magpie attitude is part of our culture and we benefit from it. We can't plunder the ideas and then reject the people (oh, we can, can we? but we shouldn't). The Jigsaw advertisement is right

But then this week, I started to see the problems that alien cultures can cause.

For several months our lanes have been littered with the cast off remains of take-away fast food: Pizza, burger and fried chicken boxes (all branded names), cola cans, beer bottles, polystyrene drinking cups and plastic trays strewn around, clearly tossed from passing cars. Gradually it has been getting worse. On one of her first local walks after returning from a year in the USA, my daughter expressed her shock. It wasn't like this before she left. Welcome back to Brexit Britain!

This week it reached a whole new level. Not just the remains of take-away meals tossed out, presumably by the people who ate them, but whole bin bags full. This isn't just thoughtless and possibly drunken louts throwing their left overs out of their cars but premeditated fly tipping. Bags full of pizza and burger boxes, cola cans and beer bottles tipped on the verges of our lanes. Enough is enough. These fast food eating junkies, presumably very large and overweight judging from the nature and quantity of the abandoned rubbish, are not welcome here. They can take their fast food, over-eating, rubbish dumping culture back to where it came from.

It is not welcome here in our lovely Staffordshire lanes. We want a safe clean environment for the local people and their animals. People coming here who don't respect our cultural heritage and who think nothing of despoiling and polluting our countryside are not welcome. They should go back home and tip their rubbish in their own neighbourhood. 

So, even I have to admit there are some Brexit attitudes which can make me feel better!


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