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"It's a nice day, but the wind is cold," says the Webmaster, fastening his coat. "But not that cold."

The Student is wrapped up in many layers again as we set off for a short morning walk. She seems determined to notice the cold and contrast it with the mild winter climate of California.

There is still ice on the road but it is thawing quickly where it is in the direct sunlight. 

"Walk on this side, it isn't so icy," advises the Webmaster.

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 It is a cold, grey day with fine drizzle. We set of down the lane with the dogs.

"My hands are numb already," complains the Webmaster after less than 200 metres.

"I've pulled my sleeves down over mine. I should have brought gloves but it didn't feel this cold when I went for a run this morning and I didn't think I'd need them."

"The wind is cold, you might have been more sheltered down there."

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It's a lot warmer than yesterday, I don't need my gloves, but I'll take them just in case."

The Webmaster, the Student and I set off with the two dogs for our last walk of 2016. Mid morning on New Year's Eve, warm but not sunny, damp but not raining.

At the bottom of the lane we turn right into the farm yard to take the path through the woods.

"It's likely to be muddy. Any frost will have gone," predicts the Webmaster.

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