Belatedly realising the historical significance of where I had been I looked up a few facts.

Akbar was the third emperor of the Mughal dynasty. He was only 14 years old when he was crowned in 1556. He started to build the mausoleum at Sikandra before his death (1605), but did not finish it. It was completed by his son Jahangir.


Sikandra MausoleumView of the Southern gateway, main entrance, from inside

Akbar's tomb is in the basement but on the uppermost level of the five terraces, open to the sky, is a replica sarcophagus, surrounded on all four sides by finely carved filigree screens

Replica of Akbar's tombReplica of Akbar's tomb

Many monkeys scurry about in the large gardens of the mausoleum

Monkey in Sikandra MausoleumMonkey in Sikandra Mausoleum

Through the latice, a view of one of the four gated through the filigree screen on the uppermost level of the tomb.

Through the laticeThrough the latice