The Durber family (same family, slightly different spelling) was still living at Ladymoor Gate in 1911. William Durber now gave his occupation solely as a coal hewer and the only mention of the farm is through his 18 year old son, John. The size of the farm is not given.

William Durber, 47, collier, hewer, born in Norton (this is a change from Horton in 1901, almost certainly a transcription error on one or the other census entries.)

Hannah Durber, his wife, 44 born Endon. She had by now been married to William for 24 years and they had had 13 children, 11 still living and 2 had died.

Arthur Durber, his son, 23, now a collier, hewer, same as his father

Elizabeth Durber, his daughter, 20, working at home

William Durber, his son, 19, collier, loader

John Durber, his son, 18, working on the farm

Dorothy Durber, his daughter 13, at school

May Durber, his daughter 10, at school

Winnie Durber, his daughter 8, at school

Harry Durber, his son, 4 at school

Ann Durber, his daughter, 2

John and his younger siblings where born in the Parish of Horton, so almost certainly at Ladymoor Gate. The older children and Hannah were born in Endon and William was born in Norton.

Source: 1911 Census RG 14/Piece 16648/Schedule 47 Parish of Horton in Staffordshire, Registration District and sub-district: Leek

Two of the children, Daniel and Ethel, from the 1901 census are not listed with the family

Daniel Durbar, his son, now 22 although not listed in William's household does appear to be still at the same place:

A separate census return, giving the same Ladymoor Gate, Horton address and describing a house of 6 rooms was made by Daniel, aged 22, born Endon and working as a coal hewer. He was married to Mary A Durbar (nee Smith?) born Horton. They had been married for 2 years and had had one child which had died.

Source Class: RG14; Piece: 16648; Schedule Number: 48

Ethel Durbar, his daughter, now 15 is living in the household of Frederick Thursfield, 36 a farmer at Yew Tree Farm, Ridgway, Norton in the Moors as a general servant.

Source: Class: RG14; Piece: 16616; Schedule Number: 151 Registration district Leek and sub-disrict Norton

There was another change of occupation between 1891 and 1901. On census day 2nd April 1901 the Durbar family were living at Ladymoor Gate and William Durbar the husband and father was no longer relying solely on farming the land for a living. He was also working as a coal miner.

William Durbar, 37, farmer and coal miner (underground) born in Horton

Hannah Durbar,  his wife, 34 born Endon

Arthur Durbar, his son, 13

Daniel Durbar, his son, 12

Elizabeth Durbar, his daughter, 10

William Durbar, his son, 9

John Durbar, his son, 8

Ethel Durbar, his daughter, 4

Dorothy Durbar, his daughter 3

May Durbar, his daughter 11 months

Elizabeth G Knight, a cousin, 22 born Endon.


1901 Census RG 13/2625/64 p13

Parish of Horton in Staffordshire

Enumeration District: Blackwood and Crowborough


In 1891 William, 27, Hannah 24 and their children Arthur, Daniel and Elizabeth lived in Brown Edge (no address details). William was already working as a coal miner.

Hannah is likeky to be Hannah Smith whom William married late in 1886 in the district of Leek (Leek 1886 Q4 6b 433)

Ladymoor Gate was still occupied by the Harrisons. From the census infomration

The Harrison family comprised:

Richard Harrison, 43 a farmer of 30 acres

Ann Harrison his wife, 37

Hannah M Harrison, his daughter 12

Charles R Harrison, his son, 9

Dorothy A Harrison, daughter - age not decipherable


1891 Census RG 12/2186/178 page 12

Parish of Horton in Staffordshire

Enumeration District: Blackwood and Crowborough

By 1881 the size of the farm had reduced further from the 46 acres in 1871 to 30 acres. the Shufflebothams had moved away and it was now occupied and farmed by the Harrison family.

The Harrison family comprised:

Richard Harrison, 32 a farmer of 30 acres born Endon

Ann Harrison his wife, 26 born Horton

Hannah May Harrison, his daughter 2, born Horton, possible at Ladymoor Gate

There was one servant

Charlotte Jane Johnson, 12 from Norton working as a domestic servant

It is possible that the new occupant is the Richard Harrison who had previously lived in nearby Crowborough. There is an entry in the 1871 census of a Richard Harrison, aged 22, living at Crowborough with his widowed mother Ann, aged 46, farmer of 17 acres, and his sister Mary aged 15. There is also an entry in the 1851 census for Richard Harrison, aged 2 (born Leek), son of Richard , 32, farmer of 130 acres (born Leek) and Ann. 26 (born Horton) living at Lane Head, which is also very close.  In 1851 Richard had a 5 year old sister Hanna.


1881 Census RG 11/2740

Parish of Horton in Staffordshire

Enumeration District: Blackwood and Crowborough


The farm was still in the Shufflebotham family by 1871, but significantly reduced in size. Why such a large reduction? Had part of it been sold or had it been partitioned between the sons when Richard had retired/died? Maybe we will find the answers to this when we eventually recover the deeds from storage.

Roger Shufflebotham, 30 farmer of 46 acres (born Horton)

Susannah Shufflebotham, 35, his wife from Astbury, Cheshire

Roger Shufflebotham, 5 his son born in Biddulph

William Goodall Shufflebotham, 4 his son born in Horton, probably at Ladymoor Gate

John Shufflebotham, 2 his son, born in Horton, probably at Ladymoor Gate

Elizabeth Hannah Shufflebotham, daughter, 3 weeks old

There were three servants:

Ann Lancaster, 18, a general servant from Biddulph

James Hudson, 22, a wagoner from Longnor

Elizah Sherrat, 12 an indor farm servant from Norton.


1871 Census RG 10/2883/93

Parish of Horton in Staffordshire

Enumeration District: Blackwood and Crowborough

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