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This deed of conveyance shows that in August 1910 George Mellor sold Ladymoor Gate to Walter Mellor of Pontypridd, Glamorgan for £1,350. The deeds also show that William Doorbar was the sitting tenant at the time of the sale, and that the farm comprised the house and outbuildings, five pastures, one meadow, one arable &meadow and one rough pasture totaling just over 30 acres.

convey1910 1convey1910 2convey1910 3

In 1906 following the death of Richard Harrison his executors sold Ladymoor Gate Farm, with a sitting tenant, William Durboor (Durbar) and his family. The deed of conveyance also contained recitals describing earlier conveyances and mortgages dating back to 1872. 

convey1906convey1906 1convey1906 2convey1906 4convey1906 5convey1906 6


Documents showing that George Mellor mortgaged Ladymoor Gate Farm to Elizabeth Venables for £1,000 at £3/15 per centum per annum (3.75% per annum) and redeemed it in 1908.mortgage1906-1mortgage1906 2mortgage1906 3mortgage1906 4mortgage1906-5


In 1920 Walter Mellor leased Ladymoor Gate Farm to Daniel Durbar, son of William

lease1920 1lease1920 2lease1920 3lease1920 4



Census Transcriptions

Transcription of census returns for Ladymoor Gate Farm