Independence preparations gain pace

With only four weeks to go before "Independence Day" my Brexit themed preparations for retirement are gathering pace. 

As I have previously mentioned the cushy number of "easy" money from forty years of employment has resulted in a lazy attitude here at The Sticks. Things were ignored: the garden, the decoration, even myself. I was substituting the challenges and achievements at work for developments in my own enterprise. While I had money coming in I could afford to let others do the work. I imported labour to the Sticks without stopping to think of how it was undermining my own competences.

Now I am busy putting that all in order before Independence Day. I have already renegotiated a few new trade deals much to my advantage; I have cleared out a lot of old junk to give me space for a fresh start and I have been regaining my decorating skills.

To be honest, it didn't take long. I guess it is like riding a bike. Once you know you can do it, it doesn't take long to get back in the saddle as it were. With the progress I'm making it will not take long before the whole house has been redecorated and all the furniture rearranged. 

The Sticks will be back to its former glory and under my control again in no time at all. 

Unreliable memory

I have continued to transcribe my USA travel diary from 1983 and it has been rather worrying. I thought I could remember it well, but the diary is revealing aspects (and even places and events) I had completely forgotten. Mostly when I read the diaries the memories begin to return but some parts remain a complete blank and other bits are different from what I had believed them to be. The diary is contradicting my recollection and revealing gaps, it is even describing a former me that isn't as perfect as I remember my self to be.  I can see it recorded in my own hand writing and I'm sure it is accurate. It is disconcerting, but I think we all do it: look back on the past with nostalgia and filter out the bits we didn't like and fill the gaps with exagerated versions of what we did like. 

So another successful step in identifying with Brexit. 

Inspiring views

The natural beauty of the surrounding countryside and the changing seasons is inspiring; a down to earth reminder that many of the valuable things in life are free and, subject to climate change, are virtually unchanged from generation to generation. I hope that the environment is something we will not spoil for our kids. 

One late afternoon this week we went for a run round the local lake. The light was perfect. The golden glow before sunset, lighting the autumn colours of the trees and the calm surface of the water. We didn't have our camera and I doubt we could have captured it, but to be there and to see it was inspiring. Nowhere could have been more perfect. 

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