Losing access to a regulal salary will be tough, but worth it. I'll get control over my time and regain my own sovereignty. I'll grow my own food and pick my own fruit. No one else will be able to tell me what to do.  I will be able to throw away all my old deals I was stuck with while I was working and make new, better deals. Thanks Brexit for the idea.


Unlike theresa May and her Breiteer government, today (25 September 2017) here at the Spot we achieved completion of our first new trade deal. It shows what we can do for ourselves, once independent, if we put our mind to it.

So the new deal. We have replaced a long standing, and lets face it, complacent and comfortable land line agreement with BT, with a new exciting, more flexible deal from Voipfone. We will no longer be paying huge amounts to an over inflated organisation for little return and we will be able to spend the money on something of our chosing. 

£76.74 per quarter! That's what we will be saving. Great isn't it? Good enough to write on the side of a bus.


 BT costs


I know, BT may be a great company for some but it just didn't suit us. We didn't get all the benefits. Broadband was terrible, stringband more like, the rain affected the line and they never managed to fix it. They just didn't understand our different needs out here Rooted to the Spot in the Sticks. They were holding us back. Without them we can take advantage of modern, new technology they just couldn't deliver and save ourselves £76.74 a quarter.

Times have moved on and opportunities which were not available 35 years ago when we joined BT are now possible and thanks to the liberation of retirement I have been able to grab them, well at least this first one. Forging ahead in the field of modern communications technology. It shows we are up there at the vanguard of innovative, high tech trade deals. This will be the first of many.


"What are you saying?  That I haven't retired yet? That I could have done it without retiring? Of course I've saved £76 a quarter, you can see the bill can't you? Call costs? Voipfone costs? Why are you trying to do me down? This is a great new trade deal and it shows what is possible once I've left."

"You just need to shut up and get over it."


On a more serious note: as we can't get broadband through a land line and there is no cable service in our area we subscribe to a wireless broadband package which is a lot more expensive than the headline rates you see for combined packages (phone, internet and TV) from the mainstream players. Over the years our use of the landline has declined so that apart from making the occassional call (as you see, an average one per month) we were only keeping the line to retain the number for incoming calls - of which we get a significant number, not including the nuisance and silent click calls. After trying a couple of VOIP services over the last year we finally settled on Voipfone and had our number ported to across today. So far so good. We estimate that it will save us at least £50 per quarter, including provision for an increased number of outbound calls.

We could have done it sooner but never got round to it and to that extent, imminent retirement acted as a motivating factor, so not everything Liam Fox says is completely wrong, we had got a bit lazy because we could (did I really just say that? I'll need to wash my mouth out!)

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