Sunday 30th August: Cycling

Raining! But we hired the bicycles again and set out for the Budhanilkantha temple which is about 5 or 6 miles North of the city and the foot of the Shivapuri mountains. Our route took us past the Royal Palace, on the same road I had taken yesterday, but all we could see were the walls.

The cycle ride was pleasant although a constant and gradual up hill. The country side was very green, and the terraced hillsides dotted here and there with people working. Their tools appeared to be little other than scythes and baskets.

Monday 31st August

Raining again. Our last full day in Nepal. Time for a last look around the town; a last opportunity for souvenirs and photographs. I bought a couple of rice paper notebooks for my dairy. I'll write it up from these notes when I get home (I didn't, this is the first transcript after 25 years!!!!).

Still fascinated by the daily life. Wandering around more back streets I saw animals "waiting" outside the grimy butchers' shops. Did they know what was in store for them, they must be able to smell the blood and carcasses. Apparently the meat keeps only a few hours after it is slaughtered. Someone told me that any left at the end of the day is thrown away. That probably explains the many dogs; it must be a feast for them.

Tuesday 1st September

Got up early, very misty, and went for breakfast at a pie shop. Porridge and toast; very nice. We needed a good breakfast to sustain us on our journey back to India. Just to be sure we ordered sandwiches and cake to take away. We were worried about returning to the food (or lack of it) we had eaten in India after "pigging" ourselves on the cakes and pies.

Taxi to the airport, only to be told there was a two and half hour delay. The airport was closed to allow for the arrival of the king (or so we were told). But the airport staff were friendly and made us welcome handing out vouchers for food to compensate for the delay. No need for the sandwiches yet then!

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