Today Ladymoor Gate Farm is a small holding of approximately seven acres and comprises a house and a range of outbuildings. There is a reasonable sized garden and the rest is fields. One of the fields was rendered almost unusable when the council changed the road drains resulting in road surface water from many metres in each direction to drain directly into it. Several attempts by various drainage engineers to solve the problem have failed and we a now wondering whether a coppice of willow or similar trees may help. Horses (not ours) graze in the other field. 

We have lived here for nearly thirty years but are still relative new comers, many of our neighbours tracing their families back in unbroken lines for generations. However we, unknowingly returned to a place where some of our distant ancestors once lived and there is a family myth that the family once owned Marshes Hill and that it was named after on of my paternal great grandparents. To this day some of the family members have Marsh as a middle name.

Over the years we have waxed and waned in our efforts in the garden variously making a pond, planting an orchard, renovating a vegetable patch  and building a green house. The weeds always seem to win, but this section chronicles our triumphs and our disasters.

Ladymoor Gate has quite a large garden which, from time to time, we try to bring under control. We have been known to grow vegetables, plant an orchard and, once upon a time, we built a pond. It is a constant battle against the weeds. Nettles and docks usually win, but occasionally we get the upper hand.

Never mind, whatever its condition there are lots of birds, insects, butterflies, frogs and other creepy crawlies and we console ourselves that while the garden is not as neat and tidy as it could be or that the vegetable harvest is sometimes neglected, the wildlife benefits and certainly the variety of birds is of great delight.

Some of our successes and failures in the garden are recounted here. I will leave you to decide which are which.

Beds under carpets

There are eightfull time residents of Ladymoor Gate: the Webmaster, the Worker, the Old Dog, the Young Dog and four cats. 

From time to time the full time residents are joined by the Student, an undergraduate at the University of Birmingham with an extra "year abroad" at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo (CA, USA).

Previous residents were the Lawyer, now an independent young professional and Andy (1957-2004)

The Webmaster, the Worker and the Student are all members of Staffordshire Moorlands AC.

Meet the Occupants.