Tony on Marshes Hill

England. North Midlands. Staffordshire. Moorlands. Six miles from Leek, seven miles from Stoke, 35 miles from Manchester and 55 miles from Birmingham we are situated just below the brow of a hill on the western slope and enjoy the sunsets over Mow Cop, a folly on the Staffordshire/Cheshire border, and in the distance the Welsh hills. 


Photo of reflection in mirror

North Staffordshire is not the first place you'd think of as a major tourist area, but it is. If you haven't visited, you really should. From the Peak District to the Potteries, from Alton Towers to Trentham Gardens, indoor entertainment and outdoor adventure, there is something for everyone. 

OSM Map with a favourite walk route

We have a number of walks around our immediate local area.  Most are circular routes, which take in at least one if not two convenient public car parks, so anyone who fancies trying any of the walks can drive, park and walk.  

We have tracked some of the routes which can be seen listed here. Click on any of the walk names to display the tracked route overlayed on a map together with elevation and distance information.

Where the track shows us starting on a spur off the main circular route, subtract about 1km from the distance to estimate the length of the walk.

Tony walking with Cody our dog

The Worker used to be a keen runner, but like the Old Dog, has had to slow down due to creaky joints. The Webmaster loves his two dogs and every morning takes them for a walk round Marshes Hill. When she is on holiday from work, the Worker accompanies him, and then the walks may be longer. Sometimes the Students goes too. Of course it depends on the weather.

Weather from OpenWeatherMap


Andy Chestnut treeRooted to the Spot

Magazine style section with articles inspired by Brexit. To say I am not a fan of Brexit is putting it far too mildly, but I am taking some Brexiters at their word and trying to draw comfort from the tribal homeland and look optimistically for the things that "can make us great again" or where we can "take back control". 

Connecting with nature and contemplating my family's history in the area is helping, but then again I enjoyed those things before, and while now they provide solace from the bereavement like affect of Brexit they are not improved by it. I hadn't actually lost them.

Expanding on the theme of Out and About, adding in the liberation of retirement (my personal Work Exit), a move which will definitely leave me with less money, and chronicling my attempts to develop new income streams provides a (loose) parallel to the current challenges of the country. So far I think I have made more tangible progress than HMG, but I seriously hope they get their act together soon and leave the messing about to me.