Our tracks database has 4 categories and 16 tracks representing a total distance of 120 Km (74.6 Mi) and a total elevation of 2.4 km (descent 2.5 km).

Walk and Run GPS tracks

The GPS tracks in this section were recorded with various Garmin devices and converted from .fit or .tcx formats into .gpx track files using GPSBabelFE. I removed all the waypoints and retained only the tracks.

Some of the tracks are walks  and local training runs centred around our home location. Others are from further afield around the Staffordshire Moorlands area and were recorded during the Staffs Moorlands AC Summer Series 2014.

GPS Track Details
Uploaded by: Liz
Date: 29/05/2014
Difficulty Level: 2/5 - Easy
Track length: 7.53 Kilometers
Total Ascent: 125 Meters
Total Descent: 118 Meters
Hits: 923
Categories: Trail Run
Additional Maps: Google, OpenStreetMap,

Summer Series Race Tittesworth. This track was recorded during the 2014 Summer Series. In 2016 the direction of the run was reversed so the start shown here is now the finish and vice versa.

This is one of the easier of the Summer Series races although not the shortest. There is little difference in height between the start and finish, the ascent/descent measurements shown are not completely accurate.

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Latest maps

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