Matilda the Dog, a border collie commonly known as Tilly was born in March 2003 and is now an old lady. She features as the icon of The Sticks in the page tabs.

Tilly is the daughter of working sheep dogs and in her early years she showed her natural tendencies to herding: sheep, children, balls. She learned quickly and soon developed a naughty streak.

She knew the rules and would carefully check whether she thought anyone was looking before doing something she knew was not allowed, like running out of the garden and round the lanes before returning and jumping into the pond or climbing onto the table to lick plates not immediately cleared away after a meal.

She developed a dislike of grooming and was not shy to use her teeth to protect her tangles. Consequently she makes regular visits to the vet for a hair cut while sedated. She doesn't like anyone laughing at her unusual hair style when she returns.

She gets on well with the Young Dog and the cats and will feature in the Walk and Talk blogs. She still likes walking and swimming and while still stong she isn't as flexible as she was and has gradually learned to make allowances for her years.