I suppose I'd better establish my claim to be here, to prove my roots to this spot. How far back do I need to go? There are some foreigners in my ancestoral line. That bastard William the Conqueror, you know, that Norman bloke who invaded a few years back and made us all start speaking French,

 the guy who makes Jean-Claude Juncker seem a bit tame by comparison, but maybe we can forget about them for a while. Will my great grandparents be sufficient? No! My 2nd great grandparents? I can do much better than that, but if you want more evidence of my local credentials you will have to visit my genealogy pages


Take a look. These are my great and great-great grandparents.

Only three of them were born outside my 10 mile world, and only two of them outside Staffordshire. See the whole family is rooted to the spot. The only foreigner for five generations was WELSH! 

Well to be honest half my family thought they were Irish for years. To be fair there were some, but they don't make an appearance until the next generation back: 3rd great grandparents. I can tell you that was a real disappointment in the aftermath of the Brexit vote when everyone was rushing to get an Irish passport. 


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