My MP,  the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport isn't really interested in me. I can tell by the way she answers my letters and emails (or doesn't as the case may be). I guess its because she's worked out that it would take a miracle beyond her power to persuade me to vote for her.


It's not personal, she may be a very nice lady. I've never met her - yet - but I'm thinking of visiting her at her constituency office to see if she'll answer my questions if she's looking me in the eye. Problem is she only sees constituents by appointment.  She must have a government issued bot programmed by the Maybot herself, to answer her correspondence because she ignores direct questions and tells you what she wants to. "The Prime Minister is very clear ....", "Only the Conservatives can be trusted to deliver the Will of the People."

The problem was I'd written to express my concerns at the invocation of "will of the people" and the Henry VIII powers in the current EU Withdrawal Bill, and now she was quoting it back at me, making my point. She pretty much said that the Labour MPs were attempting to thwart the will of the people (brackets, those traitors) by daring to represent the people who disagree with the government and showing some integrity. So its either it's a Maybot issued letter or the honourable secretary of state was absent from school on the days they did English Comprehension. (Do they still do that or am I showing my age?)

In the meantime the local hospital is threatened with closure.  Fortunately she has written to the health authority and presumably been "very clear" that we want to retain the current level of services (we knew that), but I've heard local campaigners complaining she dosn't attend their meetings. No doubt she's very busy sorting out our rural broadband. Is that the Digital bit of her job title? Surely she isn't responsible for all of e-commerce, the Internet of Things, Information & Communication Technology and other whiz bang modern technology that uses bits and bytes.

Is she? Can't be? No way! I don't think she can understand the potential of digital technology to make millions of jobs location independent. At least she didn't when I wrote to her expressing my concerns the impact of Brexit could have on the type of job I had (well, still do have until end of November) and asking how government policy would safeguard them. Or maybe she does: the roads around here are falling apart and her policy may be to make take the load off them by replacing real highways with digital highways, but I doubt it. Not her problem. I can anticipate her letter: "the Prime Minister has been very clear that the state of the roads is entirely a matter for the local authority and we want all roads to be smooth and pothole free")

To be fair, she has tried with the rural broadband thing. At least the letter she wrote back to my husband when he raised it with her was related to his questions. See, not all hopeless then! Except that we still can't get broadband (struggle to get 1Mb which is, well, worse than hopeless) without spending a fortune on a wireless service every month, which of course we do. Rooted to the spot we may be but via the Digital stuff our MP is responsible for, the whole world can come to us.


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