Rain, sun or merely dull, the weather is important for Rooted to the Spot. Many of my planned activities and projects are outdoor activities and it is difficult to get motivated for a walk or to start gardening in a downpour or gale. 

But I'm retiring. I'll be liberated and in control of my own destiny, and I'm confident that the weather will always be favourable. I don't believe those so called experts. Who needs weathermen? I don't want any foreign controlled meteorologists coming here telling me its going to rain on my party. They can take their rain home with them, bloody experts. They're probably doing it because they have shares in a brolly company.

Only kidding!

The weather sets the mood: Dark and brooding, hot and humid, light and airy, fresh, bright and up lifting.  The sounds and the sights, the views from my windows, change with the seasons and with the day to day weather.

The buzzards will be out when the light is bright, the visibility good and the air rises to lift them to their soaring heights. There seem to be more buzzards every year.

And as befitting a project inspired by Brexit and the glorious traditions of Britain, we must talk about the weather. What could be more British? Good day for it old chap; fine cricketing weather; nice day for the ducks, and all that eh?

So here is a weather forcast. From the experts.