boobies on the galapagos

For the second stage of our South American tour we travelled from Lima, Peru to Quito, Ecuador. We arrived at the old airport, tightly squeezed between the houses. I still have the image of colourful clothes flapping on washing lines at what appeared to be only a few metres from the aircraft wings.

After a day sightseeing in Quito we flew out to the Galapagos to begin our week long cruise.

Cathedral in Cuzco Peru

We flew into Lima in October 2000 to start our short tour of Peru, Equador and the Galapagos. 

After a very short night in the most lavish hotel I had, at the time, ever stayed in - the bathroom was marble, with three showers and bigger than my bedroom - we were served breakfast in our room and whisked off to the airport for our onward flight to Cuzco. In sharp contracts to the hotel, the minibus was in a terrible state with exhaust fumes coming up into the cab through cracks in the floor. Fortunately it was a short journey and we could breath the outside air through the open window.