The webmaster is Tony, the ugly mug in the photo. In keeping with the best he has chosen a picture that is at least 10 years old. He will be putting more in this section of the site, but he is better at the technology than the content!

In the meantime you can follow him on Twitter and read about him in the Walk and Talk blogs in which he takes a staring role.

2004 was a very sad year for us. It was the year we finally said goodbye to Andy. After a long and courageous battle against his brain tumour the struggle became too much for him and he died in May. No words can describe our loss but we try to remember him as he was before the illness took away his energy and vitality. We also admire the way in which he dealt with his illness. Throughout his slow decline he remained brave and determined to survive and make the most of life. He was generous and patient to the end.

Matilda the Dog, a border collie commonly known as Tilly was born in March 2003 and is now an old lady. She features as the icon of The Sticks in the page tabs.

Tilly is the daughter of working sheep dogs and in her early years she showed her natural tendencies to herding: sheep, children, balls. She learned quickly and soon developed a naughty streak.

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