Before the time when on-line activities took over from real life we spent a lot of time gardening. From when we first moved to Ladymoor Gate and began tackling the overgown parts of the garden and fighting to convert the grassed areas into lawn we had always wanted a pond. In 1999 when I was between jobs we decided it was a good time to begin. I expected to have at least three months before starting a new job, which should have been plenty of time. The pond building went to plan, but job hunting went much faster than expected and so finishing the pond was "outsourced" to my parents while I rejoined the ranks of the wage slaves.

When it was finished the pond was delightful. The plants quickly established themselves, the few fish we introduced multiplied each year and the frogs soon moved in. Unfortunately the fish attracted passing herrons and although for several years we succeeded in fending them off, they finally feasted on our fish. The frogs however went from strength to strength and each spring the pond is heaving with frog spawn.