First we marked out the site of the pond with a number of wooden pegs. These showed the postion, size and shape of the pond. Approximately 7 x 5m.

As we had decided to use a number of large rocks to build a rockery beside the pond we decided to move them approximately into place before we dug the hole. This would prevent us from negotiating the hole and the resuling heap of soil!


Site for marking out the pond


The rocks, some the remains of broken gate posts, are moved into position so that we can tip soil around them to build the garden.

Moving the rocks for the garden

Starting to remove the grass and top soil with mini diggerUsing the mini digger to dig the main section of the pondOnce the perimeter of the pond was marked out and the large rocks more or less place in we removed the grass and top soil and saved it for building the rock garden we planned for the edge of the pond.

Digging main section of pond When the top soil was removed the digger was then used to dig out the pond. The site of the pond sloped and so it was necessary to dig deeper at one end.




The digging has finished ready for pond to be builtDigging complete Allowing for the slope the hole was dug to provide for a depth of about 0.9metres at the deep end. The hole was shelved, the outer ledge being approximately 0.25m deep and 0.25metres wide, except at one end where it was much wider to provide a pebble beach. In the finished pond the ledge will house the marginal water plants. We were very careful to ensure that this ledge was horizontal as we did not one end of the pond to be submerged and the other high and dry!