working-on-rockerySiteview2The large rocks were moved approximately into place by the digger but still needed to be moved manually into their final position. The large rocks in this picture were manoevered into position by three people using crow bars and levers. More of the large rocks to the left were also moved to build the water course channel.

Top soil saved from the digging and barrowed in compost from our ample compost heap was used to build up the rock garden prior to planting.






Rockery-prelinerRockery-edgeSome of the large rocks were partially burried. Other smaller rocks were placed on and bedded in as the garden was built up with soil and compost. Ferns and alpine plants were planted between the rocks and in the crevices.

The lawn side edge of the new rock garden was finished with plastic edging, lined with semi permeable membrane to keep down the weeds and then filled with the same type of gravel as that used to line the base of the water course.