Beginning of April. Time to restore the vegetable garden. The carpets have been down for a couple of years, grass, nettles and brambles have spread across them, branches trimmed from hedges and trees last Autumn are strewn everywhere. At the time we had some reason for putting them there but can't think what it was, probably just couldn't think of what else to do with them.

Rubble and clay 

Digging out the rubble

When we moved to the Sticks in 1988 it had recently undergone major modifications and the previous owners had dumped the building rubble just where we wanted to build our vegetable garden. During our first winter in residence, when the weeds had died back and we could more easily see what we were doing, we set about clearing the rubble. It was a time consuming and back breaking job but we realised the rubble was actually useful. The plot was on a slope, falling sharply at the lower edge, and by shifting the rubble from the upper to the lower sections we could build up a base which would provide reasonable drainage and reduce the severity of the incline at the lower edge. 

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