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"The weather is OK today, we should get a walk in."

"It's going to be muddy after all the rain over the last two days."

"That's OK. I've got my boots."

It is Sunday morning and we take our time. The dogs are getting impatient. They didn't get a walk yesterday, they refused to go outside in the heavy rain, and are making a fuss now.

It is dry and mild when we set off. We don't take waterproof clothes. We will risk getting wet if it rains.

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"It's cold. I'm cold."

"You'll warm up when we get going. And when it's more sheltered. It's that North East wind the weather forecast mentioned."

"Brrr. Should've brought gloves."

We head down the lane. Weak sunshine and patches of blue sky make it looker warmer than it feels, but in the distance the sky is darker. We wonder whether it will rain.

At the bottom of the lane the dogs turn, confidently, onto the path through the farmyard.

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