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"It's cold tonight, it hasn't been this cold for ages."

"Those clouds are interesting, those with the pink tops."

"Which clouds? I can't see any. .. Oh those, I can see them now there is a gap in the hedge."


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The sunset is spectacular. A large, thin, flat layer of rippled cloud, as though made by waves on a beach, lit, apparently from below, with the red glow from the sinking sun. Orange, red and pink light reflects back down to us. The sun itself, visible below the clouds, silhouetting the the folly at the high point of the ridge and casting a red glow over the fields. But it is sinking fast and soon there are only a few red streaks of light remaining.

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"Are you serious? Have you seen the weather? And it's nearly dark."

"Is it raining? Do I need a coat?"

"It isn't raining at the moment."

The Young Dog ignores us and stays curled up on the settee, where he isn't supposed to be. The Old Dog notices we are preparing to go out. The dogs didn't get their usual walk this morning because it was too wet and she wants to go now.

We step outside. The moment of no rain has clearly past.

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