OSM Map with a favourite walk route

We have a number of walks around our immediate local area.  Most are circular routes, which take in at least one if not two convenient public car parks, so anyone who fancies trying any of the walks can drive, park and walk.  

We have tracked some of the routes which can be seen listed here. Click on any of the walk names to display the tracked route overlayed on a map together with elevation and distance information.

Where the track shows us starting on a spur off the main circular route, subtract about 1km from the distance to estimate the length of the walk.

Tony walking with Cody our dog

The Worker used to be a keen runner, but like the Old Dog, has had to slow down due to creaky joints. The Webmaster loves his two dogs and every morning takes them for a walk round Marshes Hill. When she is on holiday from work, the Worker accompanies him, and then the walks may be longer. Sometimes the Students goes too. Of course it depends on the weather.