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The Sticks

Welcome to the Sticks....

...... the website of the family at Ladymoor Gate Farm in Staffordshire, UK. The family consists of Tony Rogers, Elizabeth Baker, Katie Baker and Louise Baker and their pets: Tilly and Flash the Border Collies, Scratch the Jack Russel and Underfoot and Alfie the cats.

We are developing and adding content to this site all the time.  Some of our main sections are ....


The genealogy section already contains an extensive, searchable database of over 3000 individuals and is being added to frequently, either by the inclusion of new individuals or by the completion or confirmation of personal facts and details. The results of our most recent project, researching our local history, will be published here as they unfold.


Our travel and holiday section has started to take shape will grow as we find time to transcribe travel diaries and process photographs and videos. See Liz's section on India for a taste of what we are trying to do.  


A major section of this site is dedicated to Louise and her running career. Louise is a member of Staffordshire Moorlands Athletics Club and her main event is cross country. She started running for the school at age 8 and for the club at age 9 and is showing some serious potential. For more of her exploits, tantrums, successes and prima dona behaviour in the sporting world see her cross country pages. A side effect of  turning out to cross country and other races is that we have a lot of photographs of Louise and her mates which many have asked to see on this site. So for all those interested, check out the running section of the Gallery.

and of course .... Us !

Of course this site also contains personal reflections of our life, times and is a medium for keeping our friends up to date with family news that might otherwise go into our "Christmas Letter"; it wouldn't be a family web site without it ... but don't click away... we hope there is enough material of general interest whether you know us or not, particularly our searchable family history database which we hope will be of use to genealogists everywhere and our travel section which we intend to make more than just an album of holiday snaps.

We have tried to design the layout and structure to make navigation around our site fairly self explanatory. Click on the appropriate picture at the top to return to the section entry page. If you find any broken links or other issues, please report them to us using the contact details provided on each page.

We are experimenting with Google and Amazon adverts on the site. We hope that you don't find them too annoying.

This is what we look like, if you're really sure that you want to risk it.

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