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Thank goodness Brexit is delayed, we need more loft insulation

Our giant wasps nest - what's inside?


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Thank goodness Brexit is delayed, we need more loft insulation

Thank goodness Brexit is delayed, we need more loft insulation

Published: October 25, 2019
Now Boris Johnson is off to find a ditch we may still have time to finish upgrading the insulation and replacing the storage floor in our loft before he delivers Brexit, although personally I hope he never does.
Our giant wasps nest - what's inside?

Our giant wasps nest - what's inside?

Published: September 23, 2019
Late last year I needed to climb in to the attic to retrieve a couple of old suitcases. The attic is poorly lit and dividing walls and narrow walkways make it difficult to move around. To reach the suitcases I had to wobble past the water tanks,...
Connections through time

Connections through time

Published: August 10, 2019
The local common where we walk our dog is known as 'Marshes Hill'. My grandmother used to claim it belonged to our family once upon a time, before it was lost to another family through death and a second marriage. For years I could find no...
Other people's dogs

Other people's dogs

Published: July 05, 2019
I didn't know it was a thing, but there are apps which introduce people who like looking after dogs to people who need someone to look after their dog for a few hours or days.  But I do now. The former Student has signed up to one to earn herself a...
Good weather for grass

Good weather for grass

Published: June 11, 2019
It's raining again. Looking at the weather forecast it will be overcast and wet until the end of the week, so instead of out working in my garden I'm sitting in front of my computer typing this. It's my second year of gardening since I retired and...
Extra time in the garden

Extra time in the garden

Published: April 07, 2019
Doesn't time fly when you're fighting against Brexit? Well, here we are in the middle of April and two Brexit days have come and gone and the Brexit mess is no nearer a conclusion. Now we have the European Parliamentary elections to look forward to...

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20 years of family history research available in our webtrees database (over 800 surnames and nearly 5000 individuals) plus a collection of birth, marriage and death certificates.  


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Selection of our walking routes on the edge of the Staffordshire Moorlands. All accessible from convenient public car parks



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Transcription of travel diaries made during the last 36 years starting with India and Nepal 1981. This is a work in progress as the diaries are transcribed, so check for updates.

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Dizzy Miss Lizzy

General, occassional blogs about the small (or sometimes major) incidents happening, usually outside the safe zone of the Sticks, that left an impression. Often but not always political. Uses Beatles song titles to set the themes.

I used to think when I'm sixty-four the world would be a better place, no I'm not so sure.

Don't Let Me Down! Altogether Now. 

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Route to the Soul2

Began as a romantic mixture of emotion and practical tips from two young students discovering themselves and life as they recounted their adventures away from home. Now the blog is maintained by the Student who studies and works part time on-line while she and her boyfriend continue their travels to explore the world. Her blog focuses on healthy lifestyles, wellbeing and politics affecting the state of the planet & the lives of its inhabitants.