Ladymoor Gate Farm is an old farm house with a range of out buildings that, we are told were build between 1800 and 1820. The earliest reference we have found to it so far is 1806 when it was mentioned in the will of William Stonier. However a building on the same site is clearly shown on Yate's 1775 map (searchable here - select Biddulph and move map so that "Biddulph" is at the top one-third across from left to right and Ladymoor Gate will be near the centre).

We can't be sure it is the same original building although we learned from a local historian that the all wooden fastening pags and absence of nails used in the construction of what remains of the original roof means it is unlikely to be later than first decade or so of 19th century.

The house has clearly been extended several times since it was built (including once by us in 2001) but some of the original features, for example the wooden beams and roof timbers, are still evident. See the ariel view  of Ladymoor Gate in 1972.

We do know something about the previous occupants and a good way to follow the history of the house is by reading about the families who lived here. Like many of the people who lived in this area, the 19th century occupants of our house were farmers and in 1851 the holding was 92 acres, but by the beginning of the 20th century the opportunitues of the local mining industry were having an impact and by the end of the 19th century the holding was down to 30 acres. It is now a mere 7 acres (approx 2.8 hectares).

We have traced the previous occupants and owners of Ladymoor Gate from 1806 to 1921 with reference to wills, parish records, births, deaths and marriage records and the title deeds.  This section contains the information we have uncovered and copies of some of the original documents.