The Shufflebotham family were living at Ladymoor Gate at the time of the 1851 and 1861 censuses. Richard Shufflebotham was a farmer of 92 acres, presumably the size of Ladymoor Gate farm. Parish records indicate that Richard was the son in law of John and Hannah Stonier by marriage to two of their daughters. Poll registers also suggest that Richard was a tennant farmer and did not become owner of the freehold, so it is reasonable to assume that the freehold remained with John Stonier.

Hannah Stonier, daughter of John had married Richard Shufflebotham on 2nd February 1837 at St John's church, Burslem.


In 1841 Richard Shufflebotham, 25 was living near to Ladymoor Gate, at Greenhouse, Crowborough, with his wife Hannah 30, and their children Richard 7, Abel 7, John Stonier 5 years and Roger 5 months.  

Elizabeth Stonier, daughter of John, and Richard Shufflebotham, son of Abel, married in 1847 at the same church in Burslem where Richard had earlier married her sister Hannah.


The Shufflebotham family are resident at Ladymoor Gate Farm. Richard Shufflebotham and his wife Elizabeth, who has become step-mother to her nephews and nieces, have taken over the running of Ladymoor Gate's 92 acres, with assistance from Samuel Stonier, Elizabeth's brother.


The same family is still in residence in 1861 although the holding had reduced by 5 acres to 87 acres (had it been sold or had a plot been made available to another member of the family?).

In 1863 Elizabeth married Enoch Bailey in Audley so Richard must have died sometime between 1861 and 1863. The farm however stays in the family. 


By 1871 Roger Shufflebotham, the Richard's and Hannah's youngest son, now 30  is identifed as the farmer. He is living at Ladymoor Gate with his wife and family of young children. John Stonier's grandson (and William Stonier's great grandson) is now running the family farm although the size of the farm is now considerably smaller - just half its size in 1841, at 46 acres. Who had taken over the rest? Had the land been split between family members, possibly between John's grandchildren? Had John died and the farm been split up and sold off to neighbours? John had given his age as 82 in 1861 (although from previous census entries and probable christening record this is likely to be high), so it is likely that he did die between 1861 and 1871 triggering some sort of change on the farm.

Roger's older brother John (Stonier)  Shufflebotham with wife Ruth was, in 1871, at the neighbouring farm, Cowall farm, farming approximately 55 acres, which he must have at some point since 1861 taken over from James Smith. [In 1861 James Smith was farming 56 acres and 2 roods at Cowhall Farm, so this doesn't account for the land removed from Laymoor Gate]

From the bundle of deeds I have obtained Richard Harrison takes a morgage on Ladymoor Gate Farm in 1872, so my next research is to determine what happened to the other half of the farm and to identify the link, if any between Roger and Richard Harrison or otherwise determine why the farm which had stayed in the family for at least 60 years was sold to an outside party.


In 1881 Roger and Susannah are living at Ashmore House, Rushton James, about 3.5 miles North of Ladymoor Gate and farming 98 acres. The census page is full of Shufflebotham families so they may all be related. They are still there in 1888 according to Kelly's 1888 trade directory but by the time of the 1891 census they have moved to Butt Lane Farm, Church Lawton. Roger is still there with two of his sons through to at least 1911. Susannah died between 1891 and 1901.

In 1881 John Shufflebotham, aged 41 is still at Cowhall farm, but now he is farming only 41 acres.